Hygiene Labs™ has developed a comprehensive five-part plan for businesses as the restrictions on COVID-19 are easing. Contact transmission (by touching infected surfaces) costs countless hours in lost productivity due to the absence of employees through illness in all industries.

Staff and customers in high traffic facilities and confined workspaces are often at high risk of contact transmission of infections. Hygiene Labs™ ‘five part solution’ can drastically reduce the risk of transmission of common viruses and bacteria in the workplace. We provide surface protection, cleaning solutions, and personal hygiene products as a monthly service to reduce the risk of contact infection via contaminated surfaces by utilising our long-acting and persistent 5th Generation SiQuat technology.


Vision Personal Training

Facilitated cleaning and fogging for disinfection, protection of gym equipment, and the training environment. Hand sanitizer is also provided at the entrance for all customers and staff.

Transport For NSW

Developed a point-to-point transport sanitization station for State and Government fleets, rideshare, and taxis.

Royal Australian Naval facilities and Infrastructure

Fogging and disinfection services of critical defense infrastructure including Garden Island Naval base.