Food manufacturing, storage, processing, packaging and distribution environments represent significant hygiene challenges.

These risks do affect not only the food and the customers but also the staff handling the various processes and the company’s reputation.

Hygiene Labs™ surface products are effective broad-spectrum anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, mould and odour control treatment which bond to almost any surface on which it is applied.

As far as accessories are concerned, I think it is always best to be as minimalist as possible.

Hygiene Labs™ uses the 5th generation SiQuat technology to deliver high performance, broad spectrum anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, mould and odour protection. Once applied, Hygiene Labs™’ Microbial Shield forms an invisible protective barrier. It acts as a layer of microscopic pins that coats the surface. Attracting pathogens and killing them upon contact by piercing and rupturing their cell walls. This means it’s killing germs in a ‘mechanical’ way, rather than toxic.

This technology is an alternative treatment, and the way it kills bacteria is by lining surfaces, that is safe to use across hygiene applications in food and beverage verticals that include:

  • food storage
  • food processing
  • food packaging
  • food distribution

Our electrostatic fogging technology creates the ideal opportunity to quickly sanities all areas ‘behind the scenes’ in such areas as kitchens, factories and storage facilities. We take pride in offering a range of products that move away from ineffective traditional, commonly used disinfectant technologies, that are toxic and harmful to human and animal health. Our unique technology is completely non-toxic and can be deployed in all areas of food preparation and storage.