We take immense pride in our wide range of products that are unique from traditional and commonly used disinfectant technologies that are toxic and harmful to humans and animals.

Our water-based hand sanitiser is safe for people, plants, pets and the environment. Our industryleading products are dermatologically tested, and our technology has over 100 proven laboratory tests across the globe. As the market requirements constantly change, we continue to focus on developing and sourcing new antimicrobial technologies to combat the increasing resistance of established viruses and bacteria in a cruelty-free and environmentally friendly way.

Hygiene Labs™ creates an invisible barrier to germs present on your skin and stays active for up to 24 hours – this means NO resistance and NO superbugs!

Kills 99.99% of all germs –
24 hours of protection –
Alcohol-free and water-based – won’t damage your skin –
Safe for use with people, animal, and plants –
Non-mutagenic and non-allergenic –
Odourless and colourless –
Puts an end to the skin-to-skin transfer of germs –
Provides safe sanitation for you and your family –